The Earth Moved for Me

It was a revelation to watch GMTV this morning, not having sampled its delights for a few days it seemed glossier than usual and baby enjoyed waving at the screen during the advert breaks. Only one thing could improve it, a fitness/weight loss make over on me!
I think they need to interview me anyhow, as the earth really did move for me last night. Lying in bed, trying to sleep worrying about things, as you do, the bed juddered and shook. It wasn’t quite a scene from the exorcist (those experiences remain firmly linked to our old house in Lectern Lane, Creighton Ave which I’m sure is haunted). Rather, I assumed hubby was moving weirdly causing the bed to move, or something had gone wrong with the central heating. Best not rely on me when the global warming floods come. I can picture the scene, couple asleep in bed, wife prods hubby ” I think you have left the tap on in the bathroom”. Hubby rolls over, his eyes would roll in their sockets if he wasn’t still asleep. Wife opens the door to check on baby, water washes her down the stairs, baby floats past asleep cuddling his toy bunny…


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