The Hills are Alive… with the sound of baby crying/ wind/ pooing

What do you do with a 9 month old baby
yeydelo yeydelo yey-hey ho
Send him to his nannys house
yeydelo yeydelo yey-hey ho ho

Hurrahhhhhh! Ive managed to get tickets to see the Sound of Music. A whole baby free day is organised for the near, but distant future. This is a really big thing for us, we haven’t had one day off since the little fella was born. So, in my minds eye im picturing a trip around the shops using lots of escalators, perhaps a chance to see a museum exhibition without that ‘on edge’ feeling and a nice peaceful dinner without indigestion as the added bonus. I just hope he doesn’t come down with chicken pox/plague/ mumps/ small pox/ influenza/worms/ norovirus/ or any other strange disease anytime near our trip, as he seems to be the Vector in my personal disease cycle. A Level biology students- forget water snails as case studies for disease vectors, you should be looking at small babies.


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