The Times, They are Changing

I won’t go into this in too much depth, but have you ever wanted anything so badly that it feels that a little part of you inside is scrunching up and withering each time you are denied it? Well, that goes a little way to explaining the mood im in at the moment.
It’s just as well that baby is being so totally gorgeously scrumptious. Although, we did have a number of fights over my Valentines Day box of chocolates and he won most of them. Crawling off dribbling choclately drool all over the cream carpets. I felt compelled to eat the rest of them last night whilst enjoying a couple of glasses of my bargainous wine, and watching the Antiques Roadshow. I enjoy this programme, partially as it helps me in my every day work, but also, because no matter how much something is worth the people always say ‘ oh, we would never sell it, it belonged to my third cousin’s twice removed great aunt’. You know they are picturing a new Renault Clio at that moment.
On Friday night, whilst walking home with hubby we noticed a new gathering at the Abbey. No, not the raincoated pensioner massive waiting for bell ringing, rather a large group of teenagers. It seems the best place to hang around in locally is in front of the Abbey. The times, they are a changing….


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