The traditional craft of creating chair legs and braces

OK, I have mentally written about 100 different opening sentences and the distraction techniques begin. Oh look, there’s some dust. I will enter this writers competition if it kills me…
At the moment I have a DIY crazed husband. Its good, as things are finally getting done. Baby is at the imitation stage which means that his DIY training has begun. This weekend he learnt how to bash a raw plug using the end of a screwdriver, perhaps we should get a professional. On the other hand, he is learning the trade of bodging an important life skill. But what is bodging? Well a quick search on reveals all:

Bodging is the traditional craft of a creating chair legs and braces. A chair-bodger works with green-wood using portable tools including a pole-lathe to turn chair legs and such.
Bodging can also refer to an inexpertly, roughly done job.

I’ll let you decide which craft he learnt…

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