What Would You be Doing?

Have you ever wondered what you would be doing now if you didn’t have your little one? I imagine that in my case I’d be sitting at work, surfing the internet, passing the time away and wondering how I managed to end up in a job that doesn’t appear to offer any hope of a career. So really its much the same as what I’m doing now, except I don’t get a great deal of sleep and the washing up seems to have increased exponentially. Perhaps I should retrain and be a teacher- those who can’t and all….
I’m writing this at quarter past eleven as Ive packed the little fella off (with his bunny) to the childminder. He didn’t notice me leave and so I came home, slightly disappointed at the lack of dramatics.
There wasn’t any chocolate left and channel 3 doesn’t work anymore, so I was forced to venture out and do some gardening. How I had forgotten the unbridled joy that chopping things down and digging stuff up gives me. To the neighbours I must have looked like a crazed slightly thinner and less ginger version of Charlie Dimmock, except with glasses and a significantly smaller chest. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t get any useful tips this time!


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  1. Mummy Diarys 3rd March 2008 / 10:10 am

    I reckon if I didn't have my lo I would be sitting on the sofa all day watching tv, actually I probably would of gone to college have no idea what I would of studied though! Isnt it strange when you think about what would of happened, it does make me very happy to be a mummy when I think about things like that!

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