Why Chocolate is Better for you than an Apple

You are what you eat, so I must be 90% chocolate, 5 % cheese and 5% fruit. Remember that chap who made that film Supersize Me? Well,I’m wondering whether or not there might be the potential for asimilar sort of film based upon my potential new diet. Revolving aroundthe experiment of whether or not human beings can survive onchocolate alone. I suspect they can, after all a chocolate bar contains all sorts of nutrients, fat, calcium….um,I’m sure there are others- probably vitamin D and A . With this new potential diet in mind I think its important to rank the chocolate in my life in order of favourite:

  • Marks and Spencer Cherry Brandy Liqueurs
  • Dairy Milk- original flavour is best, then tainted with caramel, mint, Turkish delight
  • Ritter Sport marzipan flavour
  • Matchsticks, mint flavour
  • Green and Blacks Organic, probably mint again
  • Milky Bars
  • Caramac Bars (do they even make them anymore though?)

I could go on and on and on and on. Baby likes chocolate too, please don’t call social services a little bit of what you fancy is good and all. I brush his teeth, and it seems the best way of getting calcium in as he blatantly refuses his bottle! I’m renewing my skeletal bones through the process of living, as are you, so, Calcium, that’s the best excuse I can think of to eat a bar a day. You cant say the same about an apple!


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  1. Suburban Mum 27th February 2008 / 7:26 pm

    I have come to the conclusion that we were separated at birth. Marzipan chocolate, mint chocolate, and oh my god – M&S cherry liqueurs are my dirty secret – I buy boxes and eat them and hide the evidence. Except they make me feel slightly tipsy.

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