A Busman’s Holiday

Ive not blogged for ages because Ive spent every spare second grafting away at my short story. Its a tale of such misery its bound to appeal to the judges!

As the picture illustrates we took a bit of a busman’s holiday (considering I used to work at the NHM London) and took baby to the Zoological Museum at Tring last weekend. It was a fantastic pram free experience as baby used his little brick trolley to toddle around the place occasionally stopping and pointing. He looked SO cute, everyone said so, except the old age miseries that obviously expected it to be free of children on a Saturday afternoon. Still, the subtle baby brain-washing where I attempt to convince him that he wants to be a vet continues well! It was interesting to compare the size of a small human to lots of the animals, really gives a sense of perspective that you don’t normally get from an adult view point.
I’m beginning to wonder more and more how the human race has succeeded. Take the Palaeolithic (Stone Age) baby, crawling around in the dirt of its mother’s cave. Heading towards that campfire at speed, wild boars shoveling about by the entrance, eagles overhead and its mother suddenly realising that you can use charcoal to draw a nice picture on the wall. Baby has many choices all fraught with potential danger, but decides to snack on a bit of poo left there by the wolves that used to inhabit the space. See what I mean…

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  1. cartside 5th March 2008 / 10:31 pm

    you don't even need to go so far back as the stone age to wonder how the human species survived. The other day I saw a 7 month old being fed crisps. Then there's areas of the world which have little or no basic health care but lots of nasty bugs, and lots of babies actually die – yet somehow many don't which is the most amazing thing.

  2. Mummy Diarys 7th March 2008 / 2:42 pm

    I have always wondered how on earth we have ever managed to survive this long for starter's we have the worst fertility among animals any other animal seems to fall pregnant with one go! We are quite badly designed! I also watched a show where they were saying that our babies shouldn't be born until they are 1 years old but we couldnt give birth to a baby that big something went wrong

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