From the Moment They are Conceived

Babies make you sick…. (see last post!) Hence the lack of blogging here. Yesterday in the height of it all, Npower decided to make a visit to our house. I did say we were highly contagious but would they go without telling me their deals- no. I literally had to shut the door with the representative saying, they would be back. Now that’s being conscientious!
So I sit here, surrounded by chocolate, cakes and nice things to eat, unable to even face a glass of water with a limp baby moaning, just enough to get me to turn the television over to Cbeebies whilst he crushes my arm with his heavy little head. The joy of motherhood.


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  1. Suburban Mum 14th March 2008 / 7:27 pm

    Not a diet plan I think I want to follow! Hope you're all over it soon!

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