Its Been a While

Apologies, things have been very hectic. I had my university flatmate to stay. She’s northern, I’m southern, the slight language barrier fell after about 2 minutes but it was handy as we could be rude about people without them understanding. Or so we thought. But would you mess with someone from Leeds? Anyhow, baby had the time of his life getting to go on lots of day trips.
THEN on Saturday night he decided to turn his nursery into a scene from The Exorcist, his daddy ended up sitting in the bath with him for two hours, his mummy is still trying to get the sick out of the carpet. It appears, from talking to the gossips at the pharmacy, that our trip to Big Space is probably the cause. An evil mummy took their poorly child and hence half of the under threes of Harpenden and St Albans now have a tummy bug. Yey!


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