The Mummy’s Charter

Man, am I grudge bearing against the shoe shop. I bought a new pair of shoes the day before yesterday, wore them yesterday and NOW they are on special offer. I never buy anything full price and now I never will again. GRRRRR
Sunny St Albans hasn’t been quite so sunny for a while, but as I’m back at work next week you can expect a full blown Mediterranean style tropical summer. At least I think I will be back at work. However, as another mean mummy got into the lift at the shops with me with her chicken poxed child. I probably wont be back to work. GRRRR

This brings me to the Idea of a Mummy’s Charter. Here are some example points:

  • I will not take my contagious poorly child out to the shops, I will use the Internet for shopping instead
  • I will not allow my child to disobey the rules at soft play areas
  • I will not allow my child to bully others or be bullied
  • I will respect other parents in order to teach my child respect
  • I will not park directly outside the school on the pavement
  • I will teach my child to respect animals
  • I will not litter, neither will my children
  • I will clear up any mess I make in food areas

GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Moan, swear and so forth


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