They aren’t as sweet as they look

This weekend’s trip was to London Zoo. It was fab, if not a little cold. Obsessed as we are by tropical fishes at the moment we spent a long time in the aquarium. However, we think that baby had more fun looking at the fishes in the fishery (another top- free afternoon out). However, the pet fish looked a lot more miserable than the ones in the zoo. Ive come to the conclusion that I think we should get some Clown fish for our home aquarium, these are the ones that look like Nemo. However, they aren’t as sweet as they appear as they can jump out of the water and bite you when you try to feed them. Sort of like the fish equivalent of rampant baby behaviour. Is it a trip to casualty waiting to happen? Who knows? They should look nice though…

With only a week left till I return to work, I have begun a frenzy of tidying and freecycling. I must be a mummy as I’m finding it extremely satisfying!

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  1. cartside 16th March 2008 / 8:39 pm

    good luck for your return to work!

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