Over the past year Ive built up a series of questions to which I cannot answer easily:
Are Clarks and old ladies shoe shop or not?
Why do animals manage to conceive the first time they try?
Why don’t you get snow blindness if you are painting a room white?
Who thinks Saturday night television is any good?
Why build with a flat roof?
Why don’t they make ladies shoes that you can wear socks with?
Why is life often challenging and boring at the same time?
Why are human babies so useless at birth?
Why is it that everyone else seems to have more ready cash than me?
Why am I boring people like this?


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  1. cartside 18th March 2008 / 9:21 pm

    oh, exitement, I have an answer to one of your questions, courtesy of a childless 50 something male. He thinks that because we walk upright and have to push baby through pelvis we had to give birth waaaaay before baby is really ready for it. Basically, compared to what other mammals can do when born, we should be pregnant for about a year and nine months. Imagine that. I mean, imagine giving

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