Birthday Adventures

I guess that’s it then, the worst is over. Now baby is one, he can eat anything and drink the dodgy tap water from round here. Life will be so much easier. Thus, sunny St Albans was without our little family yesterday, as I used up my saved up accumulated flexi-leave hours and rolled some over to do at the weekend (in case anyone from work is reading this) and went to SOUTHEND. For non South-east of England resident readers, that is where the people from the popular BBC drama Eastenders go on holiday.
What fun was had though, it was fab. We went to Rossi’s, a sort of 1950’s style dinner which provides mountains of food for little money. Full of pensioners we knew we were onto a winner with that! Then we took baby to Adventure Island to watch the local chavvy kids experience thrills and spills. He loved it, pointing and waving at everything. Finally, an exhausted mummy and daddy walked to the end and back of the longest pier in the world. During this potentially interesting experience baby slept in his pushchair dreaming of future rides on roller coasters and exciting ways to eat candy floss. The day was topped off with a cream chocolate birthday cake and a shiny new tent to hide in. What more could a 12 month old want?


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  1. cartside 11th April 2008 / 11:28 am

    Happy birthday big boy!

  2. Hellbound 13th April 2008 / 3:36 pm

    ahhh Southend.<br><br>memories of a trip there, nice day out, and a drive home only to find I may well be going all the way back again to recover a fluffy frog!

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