How England could succeed at football

This time last year I was in Labour. No, not the political party! This time next year I probably will have voted Green Party, as my husband just informed the local Lib Dem candidate. He was, by all accounts taken aback. I just cant vote Lib Dem, it might not be entirely their fault, but they are somehow the architects of my salary cut (humpf). All I want is a political party fronted by good looking people, one that’s genuinely interested in education, the NHS, culture and heritage and green issues. They also need to be honest, decent people who buy things from normal shops and live in normal houses.
Call me shallow (and I’m not remotely good looking) but I think the good Looking Theorem may be the answer to many things. Take for example, the England Football Team. Put me in charge and I’ll put out a squad of the best looking players available, is this any less valid than current strategies? Would it get us any further in Europe? YES, because at least we would make a lot of money from merchandising and all the girl fans would put off the opponents. Indeed, a straw poll of 2 football fans in my office agreed that this indeed could be a valid selection policy. Perhaps I should ask if they need any help at St Albans F.C.


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  1. Mike1727 9th April 2008 / 10:49 pm

    What bugs me about the lib dems is that they say a vote for the greens is a waste of time- f'k em, I vote for who I want to…

  2. Suburban Mum 10th April 2008 / 6:42 pm

    Happy birthday to S!!!!

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