Its Busy Being a Mummy!

Written on Monday:

I don’t know what it is about the traffic on Mondays and Thursdays but it is always appalling. So, if you think you are going to have an accident whilst driving near St Albans on the M25, M1, M10, A414 please can you pick another day to go about your travels.
Today I’m attempting a world record for a mummy, that is, I’m going to attempt to try to wear my black trousers two days in a row. I’m not convinced it can be done without some food ending up on me but we shall see…

Written on Thursday:
Yey! I managed the trouser thing and have been incredibly busy, hence the lack of blogging. Baby now seems to have the St Albans stockpile of sticklebricks– daddy is pleased with this. Mummy is pleased too as it allows her to work from home in relative peace. Todays topic- World War 2 secret services in St Albans. So, if anyone has a relation with any good memories, buttons with teeny tiny cameras or the such like, please can you ask them to contact me. For now I had better go research…

The photograph depicts bunny helping my research efforts, he has not had his job re-evaluated for salary purposes.


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