Its Disgraceful!

I have become aware that people with RSS feeds might not read my drivel unless I produce a really snappy title. Ha! That one got you didn’t it! Wait, I’ll try my hardest to think of some examples of disgracefulness:

  • Most political parties
  • The cost of petrol and the lack of bicycle parking in St Albans
  • Smoking- has anyone else noticed how the indoor ban has driven everyone outside polluting the general outside air in the town?
  • People who become Facebook friends with you and then don’t ever correspond and tell you what they are doing these days
  • The doctor’s surgery sending baby clinic appointment times and then telling you its a general surgery when you get there
  • The amount of salt in everything
  • The fact that chocolate makes you fat
  • Rude shop assistants
  • The media discussing the idea that men should not be present at the birth of their child. Why not provide men who don’t want to be there with even more excuses. You need a gormless man to insult and inflict pain on and to generally suffer alongside you…..

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  1. Malak 18th April 2008 / 3:14 pm

    &quot;Ha! That one got you didn&#39;t it!&quot;<br><br>Yes, yes it did. <br><br>~hangs head in shame~

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