Looks can be Deceptive

It now feels as if I have two completely separate lives. One being at home and being a mummy, another being at work and (probably) being a general nuisance to my colleagues as I try to reunite all of my stuff which seems to have been dispersed across St Albans.
Yesterday was another slightly frustrating day, as we continue trying to purchase our tropical fish. Having conditioned the tank, slowly introduced plants and four Plays, (Nemo was just too advanced to care for) I attempted to purchase some more fish. I diligently took my water sample along and requested information on the best ones to get, I think I should clarify this was the tank water and not my personal water. ‘I’m surprised your fish aren’t all dead’. Well, thanks very much for breaking the news gently fish girl. Apparently there is too much ammonia in my water. I went back home, the fish looked contented as ever, they looked as if they were longing for new friends, and they don’t look at deaths door to me. Perhaps looks are deceptive.


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  1. Suburban Mum 4th April 2008 / 6:27 pm

    Consider yourself tagged on my blog :)<br><br>You ought to read http://www.theburghbaby.com/ – she has great tales of fish tanks. More precisely worms in fish tanks. Not pleasant at all!!!

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