Old Tat and Glad Rags

Word on the street is to buy, buy, buy Balenciaga. This, and lots of other useful money making gems were conveyed to me yesterday at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I went on a vintage fashion course. It was pleasing to see that most of the audience were dressed in a similar manner to me. It was one of my worries that, although I am deeply deeply interested in fashion, I’m not the most trendy person favouring Gap, New Look, Next and H & M. Mainly due to the money constraints associated with being a museum curator!
What is vintage fashion? Basically its stuff which is less than 100 years old, any older makes its antique. BUT its not anything, so don’t go holding onto your old Marks and Spencer tat, it wont be worth much. Hold on to designer stuff, stuff with celebrity endorsement or attachment in some way- no I don’t mean as worn by Jordan, I mean as worn by Nicole Kidman.
Recently there has been a slight downturn in the market for certain designers this has been a result of their collaboration with the high street. For example, Ossie Clark went up in value recently and has now gone down following the Celia Birtwell Top Shop collaboration. Sweat stains, baby sick and that tomato ketchup that accidentally sprayed onto your top, will also seriously devalue it.
There you have it in a nutshell- I’m not going to divulge any more secrets, if you wanted to know you should have come. Suffice to say, in general, compared to the rest of the art market textiles are currently seriously undervalued, so if it pleases you to indulge you could profit in the future.


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  1. moonmamma 27th April 2008 / 7:08 pm

    so primark stuff isnt going to cut it in 50 years time then? hang on – come to think about it they tend to disintegrate within 6 monthsd anyway!

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