Today is a working day and I thought I utilised my lunch hour extremely productively by going off for reflexology at Ginger Natural Therapies. This is where you get to lie down in a calming room and someone pushes pressure points on your feet and massages them a bit. You come out feeling all calm and relaxed. It really is a lovely treat and seems to help me with all sorts of aches and pains. If I could treat you all, I would.
Following this lovely treat the day from hell occurred whereby I was harassed at work, baby puked all over the carpet and I had a nightmare, trying (but not actually doing anything other than using the power of my mind) to speed up our internet connection. On a normal day I would have been a bundle of anger and hubby would have been hiding with the rabbits in the library, all three of them cowering in the corner. Today he is in the library with the rabbits, but in an un-frightened and relaxed manner. Yey for reflexology!


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