Spatial Awareness

Baby has a new trick, he kneels up then all of a sudden just falls backwards and laughs. Apart from when there’s a sharp pointy plastic toy or the wall behind him, when he cries. Although its sweet, its a double edged nightmare sword as it means I have to watch him like a hawk, and when he does it in the cot- well there’s no consoling the boy! I’m wondering when spatial awareness actually kicks in. Me and hubby clearly have an extremely well developed sense of spatial awareness as we are yet to have any accidents on the multitude of toys scattered on the floor and we are able to drive the car. I’m not sure this special sense developed but I imagine it must have been before primary school or there would have been little kids running into each other all day long- oh, actually perhaps it wasn’t primary school. The issue is also pertinent to animals. Similar to baby, our fish seem to lack spatial awareness. There have been several near fishy collisions in our tank. So, there you go, there’s probably some research on this, if I could be bothered to google it. But then, what would I have to think about this morning?


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  1. Suburban Mum 24th April 2008 / 1:55 pm

    I think you have just bought stupid fish. :)<br><br>I like the way you&#39;ve done your blog links, how did you do that?

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