This Weekend

Several things happened this weekend.

  • I lost my work security key- found it now- after near heart attack.
  • Baby refused to eat proper dinners – no change there then.
  • Mother and Baby magazine phoned me and asked me to be a product tester for their August issue- Hurrahhh! I cant wait!
  • We went to Top Shop Oxford Circus- it was scary but Sam managed to chat up the staff so I was allowed to try things on in the ‘not for trying general things’ on changing room.
  • We cut the lawn- sorry poor strimmed reptile, but you should have moved 🙁
  • I ironed 9 works shirts belonging to hubby- how did this occur when he only wears one a day?
  • We ate mushroom and Parmesan risotto, tuna salad wraps, sandwiches at Pret a Manger covent garden and lots of sweeties
  • We fitted in a trip to the zoo- it was very busy!
  • Baby had the slight hump and stole some of my liquorice allsorts.

Welcome to my world, another normal weekend then


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  1. moonmamma 27th April 2008 / 7:10 pm

    there is more than one TYPE of changing room?!?!?!

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