Another Rainy Bank Holiday

A classic bank holiday in St Albans. BBC digital does not work in the rain. After spending the entire morning wishing it did, then watching another classic movie on Channel Five (that’s the only channel I seem to watch nowadays) we gave up and walked around the shops in town spreading water wherever we went- he, he, he. Although, as I’m too mean to actually purchase anything other than some iced buns, it was a good trip as no-one was about to trip us up, sorry I mean for us to obstruct.
On returning, I noticed BBC 1 were showing the Sound of Music, another aborted attempt at that due to rain and so we started on DVDs. At the moment I’m tempted to ask for a percentage of my licence fee back. Its going to be disastrous when the BBC attempt to broadcast Wimbledon.
Apparently Bank Holiday’s were invented in order to give the workers a bit of a break in the summer months. I’m sure they loved sitting in their Victorian hovels, in the rain, mice biting their toes and sending little billy out for some more wood for the fire whilst toasting the last bit of gruel (OK, that’s not technically possible but I’m setting the scene). Its not that I’m ungrateful, its just I reckon they would be better utilised if they all came in August and September. Either that or this global warming better hurry up…


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  1. Suburban Mum 4th June 2008 / 9:07 pm

    Just out of interest, have you tried a booster on your aerial? we have a digital TV in our bedroom running a little portable aerial and we bought a booster device from Argos and it is much better now. Just a thought!

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