Harness Issues

What does one do when you child will not return to be seated in their pushchair whilst out and about, but stead-fastly refuses to walk? Just wondering really, the problem is increasingly occurring for me. I simply cannot carry such a heavy weight whilst pushing a pushchair and holding my bag. At the moment a chocolate bar bribe or a bottle of mineral water does the trick for long enough to enable a swift harness manoeuvre, but neither are good. One being very unhealthy, the other probably counteracting a month on eco-friendly living.
It seems that police in Australia have fined a driver after discovering he had used a seat belt to secure a 30-can crate of beer while his young child was left unrestrained on the vehicle’s floor. Without making too much light of this mans terrible crime (a 30 can crate of beer!) I’m now beginning to wonder if this man actually had the same problem I have.


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  1. moonmamma 24th May 2008 / 9:03 pm

    I have been known, at times, to use the knee in the groan method of holding a small child into a buggy whilst using free hands to firmly strap said child in. then plugging MP3 player in and pushing buggy – oblivious to noise child is making, and ignoring dirty looks from people who have either a. forgotten what its like to have small kids or b. have never had small kids!

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