Im digging another big hole

Going to work seems to result in a desire to eat lots of chocolate. Is this simply my workplace or all? Perhaps we should be sponsored by Cadbury.
Baby had fun this weekend, the highlight was helping me dust. I’m thinking that its only right and proper to get him house trained. So its now his job to wipe off his mucky little fingerprints from the bottoms of doors, the patio windows and the toy box. Stopping him eating the polish is a struggle, but you can’t have it all.
Perhaps I should ask baby to fathom the councils new waste management/ green/ back wheely bin and bag system. After-all he now knows how to work the television in a more advanced way than me. I’m eco- minded with 3 university degrees and I cant manage to work out what I’m supposed to be doing with different items and what day I’m supposed to leave them out. I can see it now, its going to end in me digging a large hole in the garden and burying all the surplus household waste. I’m coming around to the idea that this is actually the governments master plan. Just you wait, all over Britain sales of mattocks and picks will suddenly surge, lawns will vanish and a new bomb crater style landscape will emerge. Goodness knows what this will do to the groundwater…


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