The Scissor Fairy

There’s nothing baby likes more than crawling around the garden. He steadfastly refuses to move on 2 legs! This leads to much cutting of pointed toenails and fingernails, a strange by-product of baby’s crawling technique. Still, the little fella has gone to bed now, I only have the 2 am cough-a-thon to look forward to.
Continuing my general blog theme of questioning, how is it that these people on the popular TV programme Property Ladder can actually afford the house they are doing up? I cant understand it, I have trouble affording a coke in the pub. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d like to be a property developer. So, if anyone knows the secret, let me in on it.
We were all in a frenzy of tidying at work today, as we were to receive a visit from higher management to inspect the tidiness of our desks. I was disappointed when they cancelled. Particularly as it has taken many, many years to create the mess in our office. I still can’t understand why I need a new pair of scissors at least once a month, that means that in the time Ive worked there alone, I have gone through at least 80 pairs of scissors. You would have thought I would have uncovered at least one pair in my tidy, but no! Yet again I find myself scissor less, apparently there’s been a run on them. I’m going to have to wait to cut things out, unless I use the rapidly becoming blunted baby nail scissors. So you see, there must be a scissor fairy.


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