Behaving in an erratic manner

My blogger seems to be behaving in an erratic manner, deciding on certain days that I have nothing to say and not allowing me to log in. Clearly today i do have something to say. But what? Well, this weekend we enjoyed Glastonbury on the television. I liked Elbow and Scouting for Girls, baby liked Kings of Leon, hubby appeared to like Neil Diamond. Can you spot the odd one out?
We also took a trip to the RSPB place at Sandy, where baby did his utmost to scare away any bird in sight and we had some nice bakewell tarts, which were reduced in expensive supermarket. My economy drive not allowing the purchase of in date products if it can be helped. Baby enjoyed his bakewell tart, and took particular pleasure in covering me in the icing, just so I could get stung by some rare damselfly. How thoughtful. The word door was also uttered for the first time.
So, just to let you know baby can now say, hello, door, mama, dadda, poo, cat, woof woof, duck and flower amongst other words. Should you spot us in sunny St Albans we can be identified by the strange conversations we can now have, for example:
Baby:” hello, mama, dadda point cat point, dog point, poo, point, flower, duck point”
Mummy: “Hubby have you trod in some poo by any chance….”


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