Shedding your Stuff

Thanks to the lovely Freecyclers of St Albans I have managed to get rid of the gas cooker, a chrome juicer and a griddle pan. Hooray, its saving me time and effort and they all seemed ever so grateful! Since Ive had quite a lot of bits and bobs from the network I think the balance of karma is restored.
The great shed re-building programme continues, Ive promised a major shed disco once its completed. We will get one of those projectors on the roof with a special being a mummy logo (similar to batman but in the style of a nappy) and people will be able to flock here. Well, those in the vicinity at least. Just don’t make a mess or wake baby or I might have to use my super-powers.
Went for a lovely calm walk around Verulamium walk first thing this morning, the sun was shining the ducks were quacking. Then baby, well toddler now, decided that it was too quiet. Screams ensued and he threw himself flat on the floor several times. Mysteriously always avoiding duck poo. I got lots of those special looks but unfortunately no comments or I could have unburdened myself from the stream of swear words running through my head. Ah, Joy!


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  1. Malak 19th September 2008 / 10:39 am

    I can contribute a fog machine 7 a strobe light to the disco 🙂

  2. moonmamma 19th October 2008 / 4:34 pm

    waiting with baited breath for a new entry!

  3. A Modern Mother 7th November 2008 / 10:08 am

    hee hee hee<br><br>Also, would like to submit one of your posts for the debut of the &quot;Best of the British Mummy Bloggers&quot; Carnival on 11th November. More details are here:

  4. My Little Brown Book 7th November 2008 / 10:33 am

    Hello Zoo!<br><br>I do apologise for clogging up your comment box with this but would it be possible for you to drop me an email at your convenience?<br><br>I&#39;m working on something at the moment that I think may be of interest to you both as a parent and a blogger. <br><br>Cheers!<br><br>Kerry<br><br>

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