I Succumbed!

To that coldy flu thing that’s been going around. Man! Did I feel ill, and being pregnant for the second time, well, every time I coughed…. (those who have had babies will know!). Still, whilst lying on the floor underneath the duvet attempting to repel the toddler boy’s best efforts to hit me on the head with his toy car gave me some time to think about birth options.
I am tempted with a home birth, it seems much more suited to me and last time I did not require anything stronger than gas and air (in fact, if it were available on demand whilst not in labour I’d be tempted with a purchase). The hospital is hot and the midwifes are over-worked. However, in order to have a home birth here, I have to register with Watford General Hospital, I’m currently registered at Welwyn. This poses a problem for me in that I am really frightened of hospitals and Watford General looks externally, like something out of a Dickens novel. If I get rushed there in an ambulance I might just have an enormous anxiety attack. Also, what if baby is not a Watford FC supporter, they might feel immense shame at being born in Vicarage Road. Decisions….


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