Its Raining Dinosaurs

In our house, that is. You see I made yet another foolish purchase after the drum kit, a small packet of dinosaur stickers which evidently seems to contain at least 100 of the little slightly foamy unnatural coloured things. There’s nothing that toddler likes more than to shower them down from his little sticky fingers onto any surface going. Or alternatively run at me at high speed and sort of hit me with them. Toddler and baby comedy is something else.
Some of you might be wondering what I have been doing in my absence from the blog, well other than sleeping cooking and unnatural urges to clean strange household things, work has kept me fairly busy. I have also managed to amass the worlds largest collection of carpet fluff and dirt, something I’m becoming proud of and has taken a great deal of effort. I have also taken to directing men about, although it was a bit mean to make hubby spend four and a half hours cleaning the fish tank. I quite like this new sense of power, I mean personal organisational help, over the men. At work it has provided me with lots of cups of tea with biscuits and at home lots of foot massages. Its obviously some sort of sub-conscious learnt male behaviour as it doesn’t work on male toddler. Humpf, I am faced with the problem all mothers of boys have- someone let me into the secret please…


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