Toddler Tantrums, Work and a Cool Web-site

Life has been hectic recently, what with toddler tantrums and a general refusal to sit in the trolley at the supermarket (not me- toddler!) I am kept up all night with new baby (currently 7 months in my tummy) kicking me incessantly. I am surviving on a few hours sleep and the cream carpets now look a purposeful oatmeal colour. HELP! Working full time without childcare doesn’t do much for the image either. Picture: wild hair, jogging bottoms, grubby trainers and food stained tops and that’s my latest fashion look. I’m sure it won’t be long before I get discovered for a street style programme.
With this in mind, I decided to check-out the internet for advice. I mean, you can’t type emails whilst working can you, because everyone in the office then knows you aren’t working, so you need to do something which has the same keyboard rhythm as real work. Besides, in case my boss happens to read this, I’m just having an extended lunch break. Thus I have found
Indeed, this has lead me to being paid a very small fee to review their site. So here goes with an honest and unbiased review. This is a really handy parenting website with lots of hints and tips. It is well laid out and easy to navigate, and importantly for me it looks good. There is even an article on how to dress well during pregnancy. OK, well, most of the ideas are alright if you have a creative gene and time to go shopping. In other words, you don’t have a toddler, but the inspiration is there!
I enjoyed reading the Toddler behaviour section. In fact, I would go as far to say that I’m putting some of it into practice. Well, vicariously, I keep reminding hubby that he is his child’s role model and its alright for me to let them both tidy up whilst I sit on the sofa eating chocolate.
UKfamily has lots of different areas to explore and the Lifestyle area is very good for a lunch break- unless you work with men as you will be driving them mad with ‘facts’. The articles are all quite short and to the point. I’m really jealous of the person who thought of the article title bumpaerobics. I wonder if I can get away with plagurising that for my blog! I don’t think I need to explain what that article was about.
If you fancy giving your man a makeover (without him even noticing). here are the ways to do it. Basically, be wily about it and nice. My efforts would be more blatant, an entire new wardrobe slowly replacing the old and the mobile hairdresser paying a visit.
All in all, if you have time to spare, go and have a look, its an encyclopedia of parenting information. Furthermore, fame and fortune might await as you do have the option to ‘share your story’. You never know, I might just share some of mine.


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