Never go to the Doctors

Where have i been again? Well! After wearing myself out trying to finish all my work in preparation for maternity leave, I thought I should get the doctor to give me some antibiotics. Innocently i phoned and asked, giving my symptoms etc etc. I had to go down to the surgery- ‘no!’ thinking I didn’t want the plague as well. Eventually a private waiting room was negotiated. A little pointless though, as I was there for about 10 minutes before I found myself being rushed to hospital via ambulance and that was where I got stuck just before Christmas in that crucial period of shopping and organisation. Just as well I didn’t go into labour, as NHS care under those circumstances seems to be making the patient wait for at least an hour and a half whenever the bell is rung. Presumably as no-one wanted to catch pneumonia from me. A variety of thoughts ran through my head from swear words, through to what ifs (eg. I was ringing because I had gone into labour), to i wonder if they have to roll a dice or pull the shortest straw to come and help me. I wasn’t even ringing for silly things, it was stuff like (OMG) the drip has run out and all my blood appears to be going back up the tube into the bag. You are definitely safer at home! Still, on returning home hubby broke the central heating, and it couldn’t be fixed for the entire Christmas period. Short of building a bonfire with the rubbish backlog (the council seems to have gone to erratic collecting over Christmas) I ended up staying in bed. Its about the only circumstance when a fever is a good thing to have.
Thus, health is returning, but baby is due in less than a week so I cant promise much updating for the next month. I will try though- I promise. That’s after I’ve hunted down and murdered the pensioners who parked in the last mother and baby space at the supermarket this morning and told me to ‘…ger off ‘ even when I explained it was a bit difficult for me to get out of the car, walk and handle a toddler at this stage of pregnancy. That the spaces were actually for people in my predicament and they weren’t supposed to park there and that there was a perfectly good space they could use nearer the store. And they all say that its the young who have a bad attitude.


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  1. cartside 10th January 2009 / 11:35 pm

    All the best for the "finishing line", hope all goes really well and that your health is all reestablished for the big day. Oh, and always go to the doctors.

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