My first day alone and outside there is a blizzard. Humpf. We did have a short play in the garden, but that was superseded by a desire in the toddler boy to go out the front. Which ended up in a full-scale pushchair expedition to the shop. I didn’t think a baby sling was appropriate, in case I slipped over and squashed the vampiric (only awake a night) little one.

The snow was so deep it went over the top of toddlers In The Night Garden wellies and so he got wet feet and insisted travelling in the pushchair. It was hard pushing 2 little souls. Although I did enjoy making a bit more of it that I needed to. At the shop people asked me if I was alright, clearly only a mad woman takes a pushchair out in 5 inches or so of snow. No! I thought, I’m following the instructions of a 21 month old, I am not allowed independent thought or to sit quietly reading a book anymore, I have come to this in the quest for an easy life. I managed to purchase some more chocolate though and sitting here eating it, looking out at the snow and at the random middle aged men that seem to be periodically walking past, I feel very content and blessed.

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  1. moonmamma 2nd February 2009 / 7:09 pm

    21 months is such a special age, cherish it, it passes so quickly<br><br>THANKFULLY!

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