chocolate digestives and health visitors

Well, the health visitor actually appeared this morning. Half of me was hoping she wouldn’t battle the snow and rain to come and tell me off for bottle feeding. After the breast is best lecture she told me not to feel guilty. I wasn’t until she lectured me! She also took one look at toddler and said he was a bit on the chunky side. She wanted to weigh him too, but he wasn’t having it. I went and got him a chocolate digestive, oh, the joy of subtly winding up the health care profession.
After this excitement, a decision was made to go out and brave the weather, so off we trotted along the alleyways of the Verulam estate to the local supermarket and postbox. Toddler boy got wet again, but preferred to tantrum rather than go in the buggy. The neighbours must think I’m a brilliant mum.
When I arrived at said expensive supermarket I couldn’t actually remember what I wanted to get. So in the best tradition of snowy weather I bought some chocolate, bread and some broccoli. a nice random selection of ingredients, none of which can go together to make anything substantial to eat, unless a creme egg sandwich counts. I now recall I wanted some bananas.


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  1. Glowstars 5th February 2009 / 2:07 pm

    A creme egg sandwich might be worth trying. Perhaps you should've made one of those in front of the health visitor.

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