Im Definitely a Slummy Mummy

Whilst being dragged by toddler to expensive supermarket- possibly his most favourite place in the whole world I spotted another mother with a similar baby sling to mine. The one that’s a long piece of material which you wrap in a complicated manner and look all earth mother- or like a sort of trussed up sausage if you are me. Anyhow, I thought I’d strike up a conversation in case she had any tips on how to use it.
It turned out that the age gap between her little ones was a month shorter than the one between mine. However, we were leagues apart, I could tell, she could tell. She was dressed immaculately with a row of beads, earrings and presentable hair, her jeans neatly pressed and the children behaving themselves in that special way that other peoples children do. Me, on the other hand, was wearing my ‘fat’ combat trousers, carefully taken straight from the tumble dryer and covered in mud despite only having walked a few yards in them. A slightly grubby ski jacket, hair that frizzed the moment I stepped out from the door and the piece de resistance a nice sort of sore red patch under my nose from my cold. I was also at that point still dangling from the other end of a set of reins. Not the winning end. I think I need to move to somewhere less suburban.


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