One Hour of Sleep

I exaggerate, probably twice that in reality. Curse children with colds and their mothers who take them out into the world to spread to other children. Curse medical science as it hasn’t invented a cure for the common cold. Curse all television stations for their rubbish daytime scheduling. Curse snow. Curse global warming- scrap that one. Curse small plastic animals with their sharp pointy bits that dig into my slipperless feet. Curse hubby’s firm who expect him to actually turn up at work. Grrrr!


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  1. Alex 3rd February 2009 / 4:25 pm

    I did take baby downstairs with me between 8.45pm and 10.26pm when I was sterilising bottles/playing wii fit, so I know you got at least an hour and 41 minutes sleep :)<br><br>You are doing a really sterling job though!

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