I’m having trouble with pooing at the moment. Not personally, I can recommend prune juice. Its the children, Toddler boy, will not allow me to change his nappy or go on a potty. So I spend a lot of time each day chasing him around the house until I resort to rugby tackling him to the ground and pulling his trousers and nappy off. All the time praying that A) its not a runny poo and B) it doesn’t go on the carpet. This is a hilarious pastime for a toddler, I’m hoping it might lead to a place in the England Rugby Squad.
Baby girl has erratic poos, I lie in bed in fear that the next mega poo will occur either when I’m out and about or at 2 in the morning when I’m half asleep. Each poo inevitably entails an entire clothes change and when it happened at the zoo I ended up with projectile poo up my arm. Nice!
If anyone has any tips on pooing, feel free to post them here. Please note, I will not be held responsible for any puns.


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