What to do When it Snows

Scream, cry, stamp your feet- and that’s just the toddler. So far this week we have:

  • Explored the Cbeebies website
  • Watched countless DVDs and television
  • Ruined the carpet by making lots of things from Playdough
  • Played shopping
  • Played bumper cars- this did lead to a bit of an accident
  • Played at giving soft toys a bottle of milk
  • Drawing
  • Played what happens when the safari car crashes whilst on a safari where there are plastic gorillas and zebra in the same area…
  • Reading
  • Made some cakes
  • Played with the toy garage
  • Built an imaginary house using the toy drill and saw
  • Played at changing nappies
  • Played Mario and Sonic at the Olympics
  • Played Wii Sport tennis and bowling
  • Danced around the coffee table
  • Circuit training around the coffee table
  • Piled up lots of bricks and knocked them down
  • Sat in the playpen and thrown some balls around
  • Played football in the kitchen
  • Fed the fish
  • Rocked on the rocker
  • Sang nursery rhymes
  • Done 3 different puzzles
  • Seen how many animals fit into the toy farmhouse



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