A bag of crisps, a fire and some trees

For hubby there’s nothing more exciting than shouting timber as he fells the last remaining tree in our garden, except that is, when he has the chance to burn it in his bin-cinerator (something that is an improvement on the barbecue bonfire of old). Yes, the neighbours really do still like us, I think! This isn’t quite as environmentally unfriendly as it sounds as we do intend to replace them, just with more child friendly trees, ones that don’t have poisonous berries for a start. For a perfect evening, he then tops it off with a beer and a packet of crisps. Now, I’m not saying men are simple, but theirs is an easily pleased life. If yesterday ‘s excitement at the prospect of gardening is anything to go by, toddler boy will take after his father. I’m glad the new baby is a girl!


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  1. moonmamma 10th March 2009 / 7:46 pm

    Mr.B, his brother and their dad love nothing more than a good &#39;burn up&#39;, a phrase coined by their family for the frolics the lads get up to in the garden.<br>now Mr.B is often seen escaping to the allotment on a summers evening with a flask of tea to have a little solo burn up of our &#39;waste&#39;!<br>yes men indeed!

  2. Alex 11th March 2009 / 2:26 pm

    If the weather was up to it, I&#39;d be frolicking naked around the fire pit, garbed only in some face paints. Such is the nature of man.

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