Another rant about the supermarket

Theres nothing worse than going to the supermarket with your kids. Not only do you have the worry that one might do a massive poo or scream the place down, but you also have to find somewhere to park where you can open the door wide enough to get them out and then negotiate the trolley mountain to find a trolley that has a suitable combination of seats. So, SAINSBURY SUPERMARKET I could also do without:

  • Rude members of staff who persist in standing and chatting in front of the product I am trying to buy.
  • Having to walk around the entire supermarket to try to find the item I want as it has been located elsewhere as its on special offer
  • Elderly people who park in mother and baby spaces without a care in the world.
  • And perhaps the worst, MEN who stand in the queue to reserve a place whilst their other half/ colleague does the shopping. I have encountered this every time I have shopped recently and have wasted approximately 10 minutes each time standing behind said MAN to only find that their partner then strolls along with a trolley laden sky high and takes their place in front of me. On both occasions they have been very lucky not to have been whacked in the face with a frozen chicken (its only that I don’t buy them). The tills should be policed for this sort of behaviour, as it seems to be more and more prevalent. In the meantime I’m going to shop elsewhere. Unless that is, someone from Sainsbury’s happens to be reading this and offers me some suitable compensation for the bad experiences I have had there on numerous occasions recently.

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  1. Glowstars 13th March 2009 / 2:43 pm

    You don't happen to shop in sainsburys in Merton do you?

  2. Garden Mum 14th March 2009 / 9:04 pm

    Always carry a frozen chicken in your trolley – you can always &#39;change your mind&#39; about buying it when you get to the till!<br><br>Or else, shop online. My daughter loves helping to bring all the shopping inside when it is delivered; just ask the delivery man to hand over anything not to heavy to your little helper and the task will keep them occupied. She will even help unpack afterwards

  3. Thames 15th March 2009 / 7:49 pm

    I have a hard time controlling the trolleys — is it just me?<br><br>Nice post!

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