Baby girls

Since giving birth to baby girl I can officially be classed as smug mum of girl and boy. He he he. And d’ya know what I feel quite smug about it too. Little girls are not all sugar and spice though, mine seems to eat incessantly, poo irregularly and demand attention all night long. Its a bit like having a smaller version of your husband really, which I suppose she is.
So, the main differences- well apart from the obvious there really is no difference, as yet. Aside from the mountain of pink clothes she seems to own. Although, I have to say, I’m surprised at the difficulties involved when changing the nappy of a tight wearing baby as opposed to one in trousers. Whole television programmes could be based around consumer testing of the best supplier of baby tights!
Best of all, I feel relieved that our television will not be 100% tuned into football. That is unless she is a massive tomboy and really likes the football…

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  1. Suburban Mum 22nd March 2009 / 10:05 pm

    The whole tight wearing thing never occurred to me. What do you do?!

  2. moonmamma 27th March 2009 / 12:38 pm

    we completely did away with tights after daughter #1! daughters #2 and 3 made do with leggings and socks under dresses! or socks and babylegs (legwarmers) on warmer days<br>but this was more to do with the incompatibility of cloth nappies and tight tights!

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