Bags, Bags, Bags

Today I received a lovely new change bag. Fab, as it means I can start filling a new bag. the joy of getting lovely new baby wipes, nappies etc etc to fill my new bag is something that only mummy’s an appreciate. Having said that, I do have a number of old bags, each holds a unique collection of artifacts fossilised to represent my state of mind, lifestyle and the demands placed on it at the time. Interestingly talks about the contents of her change bag, raisins seem to feature prominently.

So what is in my bags? In brief we have:

The work rucksack: keys, bits of tissue, random post it notes, a half finished novel, a stale packet of crisps (crushed), several old Biro’s and a rubber

The Mui-Mui going out handbag; old tissues, stale bottle of water, some fruit pastel sweets floating about, a lipstick, compact mirror

The ‘Ive got kids but I don’t want to use a change bag’ Nica bag; bottle of water, lipstick, nappy (unused) antibacterial spray, packet of free pencils from Pizza Express, tissues , some used, bits of fluff, crushed cereal bar, a baby spoon

The Radley handbag I used for my wedding; lipstick, bits of confetti, a flower button-hole (a bit manky now)

The Head gym bag; towel, swimming goggles (I wondered where they went), sunglasses, contact lenses…

To avoid reader boredom I won’t reveal the contents of any more bags ,suffice to say there is also change bag numbers one, two and three (a free Pampers, free Huggies and a Kate Spade), summer Liberty print handbag, small black Radley handbag, random black bag from Dune, free Red magazine shopper and about 10 other ones.

Time for a major bag spring clean, just think of the lipstick I’m going to recover…

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  1. More than Just a Mother 31st March 2009 / 5:15 am

    Just popped in to say thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 My statcounter showed a new visitor, so I stalked you back to your place, and I like what I see! Bit disappointed by the lack of raisins, though…

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