Nappies for Charity

Living as we do in a fairly affluent part of St Albans (we are the odd ones out), some days I find I cannot open the porch door without living in fear of being drowned by an avalanche of those white plastic charity shop collection bags. As I freecycle the majority of my stuff they never get filled and I end up putting them outside on the appropriate days.
Recently, the Council delivered me some bags to put the disposable nappies I’m using temporarily in (honest). As we can’t fit all our rubbish in the teeny tiny wheely bin they collect every two weeks. Guess what colour they are? White.
Today I had to run after a charity collector-‘ Oy! NO! that’s all my dirty nappies for the last week’. It must be fun at the charity shop depot these days!


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  1. Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? 2nd April 2009 / 9:15 pm

    We had a spate of charity bags shoved the door last week. I left one out. Husband works from home and witnessed the man get out of his van, rummage in the bag, take out what he wanted and leave the rest.<br><br>The cheek! I was most offended.

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