Suspicious Persons

I have just received this message:

Dear Watch Member,
Overnight, there has been a spate of damage to vehicles in the Verulam area.
Please report any suspicious persons hanging around your streets to the non emergency number

Now, is it me? But surely by the time you have called the non-emergency number and the police have responded, the suspicious people may well have left the area. Still, they would be foolish to come to our street as its always full of suspicious people;
There’s the house next door where the riot police are often to be seen in their van on a Saturday night after the daughter and boyfriend have yet another epic argument (Its safer than going to some of the local pubs).
There’s the Marvin incident whereby plain clothes policemen with assistance from uniformed spent two days camped out trying to catch a criminal holed up somewhere.
There’s usually a gas man trying to break into our garage, or our neighbours to read the meter.
And there’s hubby trying to repair the guttering as it falls down yet again…


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