The Muslin Incident

As I am writing this, toddler boy is hiding behind the curtains having done a poo which he won’t allow me to change. Ive finally found the answer to getting some writing done!
The weekend started with me managing to loose a diamond from my eternity ring, having searched the pavement outside our house and the insides of our house with a halogen lamp I am now convinced it’s lost forever. Now I have to deal with the loss adjuster who wants to interview me for up to an hour. I’ve no idea what he thinks I’m going to say!
Following that disaster, this weekend was one of hectic abandon culminating in the Christening of garden boy . It was a lovely service, as hubby had to take toddler boy outside to run rampant around the churchyard, leaving me in peace (lol). Toddler boy was continuing the rampage that he had started on at playgroup, running riot around the church hall , demanding chocolate, frightening other toddlers and demolishing toys.
This behaviour seems worse when he is tired, which seems strange as it requires enormous amounts of energy. It also requires me to have energy which was severely lacking, especially after the muslin incident. STOP reading now if you are scared of spiders.
Basically I was giving baby girl a nighttime feed, with the muslin under her chin, when in the darkness a great big spider climbed out of the folded muslin cloth and ran towards me. I screamed in shock, even baby girl flinched and hubby turned over ‘ are you alright?‘ To which end I chucked the cloth and muslin (thankfully I had the presence of mind not to chuck baby too!) out of the bed and unfortunately onto my jeans which were neatly on the floor. Then I had to find the evil little critter or I wouldn’t be able to sleep, so on went the lights, waking everyone up and I stood there for what seemed like hours bravely examining my jeans. Unsurprisingly, it had vanished. So, eventually I had to go back into bed. That morning we discovered it on the wall near our bed. I’m still traumatised and I don’t/ didn’t mind spiders. This is the second bed/ spider incident; the other one was when we spent a few nights wondering why our legs felt itchy at night only to discover a massive squashed spider in the bottom of our bed EURGGGHH!


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  1. cartside 23rd March 2009 / 9:11 pm

    I read somewhere that on average, we EAT a certain number of spiders in our lifetime. Not knowingly, but because they crawl into our mouths during our sleep and we swallow them. I don't know if that's true (how do they measure this? How big are the spiders in question? I mean, tiny weeny ones aren't so bad, and somehow I can't imagine anyone swallowing a massive one without

  2. Hannah 24th March 2009 / 12:44 pm

    Spiders are evil! I'd hate to have one appear from the muslin/bib while feeding baby – argh!

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