The shopping trip

Today we navigated around the shops in Watford, I say navigate as driving the Phil and Teds with two on board is somewhat like steering a car which doesn’t have the bonus of power steering. I can honestly say, that I don’t know how people think they could use it to go off-road. It’s a pale shadow in terms of its manoeuvrability in comparison to the Out and About pushchair we had for toddler boy.
If you would like a flavour of my shopping trip, imagine toddler boy on the top deck of the buggy holding onto a selection of horrid brown Monsoon cardigans for dear life which are hanging on their own rail and slowly being stretched, whilst the wheels of the buggy are trapped by a fitting, I’m tripping over a dress i’m thinking of buying (if the moths havent got to the last 20p) and baby girl is contentedly asleep oblivious to the destruction being wrought around her. I’m sure this scene is repeated all over the world at different times of the day and in different shops. Its a wonder that any clothes survive to be purchased.


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