The Winning Hat

OK, well, there was a slight danger that toddler boy would be mistaken for a cheery Easter undertaker due to my lack of Easter coloured craft equipment (I’m kitted out for bonfire night). But WE WON!!! Competitive dad (sorry, I mean Hubby) is overjoyed. I had to stop him doing a winning lap of the school hall shouting ‘in your face’. I’m still trying to clean up the paint from the kitchen cupboards, sofa, carpet, door handles etc etc. The hat can be purchased for a small price, plus exorbitant postage and packing.

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  1. Katherine 31st March 2009 / 3:30 pm

    Hurray…we won too!!! My daughter#1 stormed it; although I feel there may have been an inquest had the outcome been any different, resulting in the sacking of parents. She's a very competitive 6.

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