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What does the modern mother do when she finds herself sleep deprived and in one of those cant be bothered moods, but the mother in-law is making an appearance. Now, some might say, let the mother- in- law tidy! Well, yes I used to agree with this sentiment, that was until I found her re-organising hubby’s pant drawer. Many slightly horrified thoughts entered my head at that time, the most prominent being; OMG how did she find that drawer? She must have looked in others. Did she find my greying Bridget Jones pants and wonder why her beloved son had married such a person? The answer to this was provided that Christmas when I was presented with some new frilly knickers and hubby with a pair of tasteful red silk boxer shorts. We concluded she also wanted another grandchild.
So, back to the original thought; What do you do when the mother -in -law is due to make an appearance? My answer to this is to make sure that the sinks are sparklingly clean, the carpet is hoovered and any stray toy, magazine or book is pushed under the sofa/ coffee table. When this is completed, I breathe a sigh of relief and consider that the housework is done for another week. Nevermind the ironing etc as this can be shoved into a cupboard, especially now some have locks which enable ‘wedging’ of stuff without risk.
The next thing to worry about is how to tell the dishwasher repair man, that the rather large piece of it that toddler boy strolled into the room carrying yesterday, just ‘ fell’ off!


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  1. Glowstars 11th March 2009 / 12:28 pm

    Our cleaner folded all our laundry yesterday – including neatly folding all the pants/knickers, my greying stretched-elastic ones.<br>Oh the shame!<br>I ignore the MIL&#39;s arrival – she usually leaves the house in a worse state than when she arrived anyway.

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