Book Review: My Bump and Me by Myleene Klass

I only get a micro-second of free time to myself per day and much of that is taken up blogging or thinking of blog posts, so reading a book is a real luxury. Just as well then that this book provided me with a review opportunity at the same time.
My thoughts on Myleene Klass vary, but mainly I’m of the opinion that she is a bit full of herself, rather condescending and extra-ordinarily lucky. I’d probably be friends with her, but only so I could attempt to outwit her at every given opportunity (not something I do to any of my lovely existing friends, I should say- in case they are reading this!!!). The book didn’t do anything to dispel this opinion and the woman is obsessed by her Marks and Spencer modelling contract. There is nothing more annoying than rich celebrities telling the plebs about how they get lots of free stuff. Who needs two suitcases of ballet shoes (from Marks and Spencer) or so many pushchairs they don’t know what to do with them so they have to turn some down. There are people out there, the people that probably inadvertently keep the whole celebrity industry going, that have to go to the local charity shop for their pushchair!
The advice was fairly sensible, and I suppose if you were a bit young and naive it would help. However, the shopping recommendations were a bit over the top. You don’t need to get a breast pump in advance for the baby, you can pick one up at anytime if you feel that breastfeeding is for you. And the suggestion that you should buy snuggly clothes for afterwards, well, come on, what happened to wearing your maternity clothes for the first few weeks or a pair of joggers and a t-shirt? The phrase even wound me up.
I was amazed that the book was a Sunday Times Bestseller. I can only imagine that it was bought by lots of well meaning mother-in-laws. I was also a bit mislead, as I was expecting a pregnancy diary written in the present tense, as it was at the time. What this book actually does is reflect on the content of her diaries from the point of view of hindsight. We also have little bits written by her future husband. They didn’t read like a man had written them to me, but I could be wrong.
I think the book would be good if you are a younger mum who is a bit apprehensive about pregnancy and likes a bit of celebrity gossip. I have to admit liking the voyeuristic aspects of it, we heard what happened on the modelling shoots and what Johnny Depp said to her. If you are a bit more experienced in life, it is less appealing. However, its an easy read so if you want a bit of a glimpse into another world without challenging your brain then it does hold your interest and I read it extremely quickly.
It’s a genre of pregnancy book that Ive not really encountered before but I’d like to read more; how about Pregnancy and the Beckhams or My Big Fat Bottom; Peter Kays look at pregnant celebrities including hospital tips from Fearne Britton as serialised in Heat magazine. Now that would be a laugh.


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