My children are trying to kill me through the means of sleep deprivation. Enough said.

Yesterday was Toddler boy’s first day at Pre-school. I’m sure I felt more nervous than he did. It all started well, he ran into the place Roary the Racing Car rucksack flapping, as its a bit too big and effectively said; ‘that’s it mum, I’m off for an independent life’. I was pleased, a bit of peace, at least whilst I drove home anyhow.

Two hours later it was time to collect him, I queued patiently outside, with a slight air of unease. The buggy got stuck in the door and all I could hear was someone crying. Somehow I got a bit jostled out of the way whilst I was parking Fifi. Never mind, I queue jumped, to evil looks and still got nowhere. A new plan of attack took me around the side of the queue and directly behind the little fella, who was distraught and sitting on one of the teachers laps. Oh, dear. Not such an independent little fella then. Its difficult to know what to do in such circumstances. So I grabbed him, thanked the teachers and ran away. Not such a good start then.


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  1. Womanatwork 22nd April 2009 / 8:53 am

    Ah yes the sleep deprivation, I have learnt to function on about four hours of broken sleep a night.<br><br>We are thankfully nearly passed the buggy stage as I have never quite mastered manouvering them.<br><br>They break your heart don&#39;t they? Taking their first little steps into independence.

  2. Mike1727 22nd April 2009 / 8:54 am

    relax, he&#39;ll be fine. First days are always a bit traumatic, don&#39;t panic. Talk to the teacher if he carries on.

  3. Glowstars 22nd April 2009 / 9:11 am

    Give it time. For ages, the boy would scream and cry and cling whenever we tried to drop him off at the creche, but we were always told that the moment we were out of sight, he&#39;d stopped crying.<br>It&#39;s a new experience and he&#39;ll take time to adjust.

  4. Maternal Tales 22nd April 2009 / 11:34 am

    Oh poor little sausage. It&#39;s always heartbreaking to see them upset and you not able to comfort them. But they all get used to it in the end. Sometimes I leave Edie at nursery and she&#39;s not happy and wants me to sit and play with her but I have to run off quickly to take Renée to school. So I have to leave her crying. But I phone up 10 minutes later to check if she&#39;s ok and she

  5. Metropolitan Mum 25th April 2009 / 8:48 pm

    Sleep deprivation… I am cross eyeing at the screen while typing. Everybody told me but nothing really prepared me. Boo-hoo…

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