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I have to admit that when I first saw 3rd and bird on Cbeebies I was a bit sceptical by the Americaness of it all. However, repetition causes great changes in opinion and it has rapidly become one of our absolute favourite programmes. It’s a light-hearted, easy going, sweet, pre-school programme about a community of birds who live in an old tree. The graphic imagery is stunning and is like nothing else Ive seen. With catchy songs and easily digested messages, it really is worth a watch. One of the characters also happens to share my little boys name, which, in our book, makes it super-cool.
We spend quite a lot of time of the Cbeebies website, clicking the mouse, with me usually saying things like ‘no, you’ll close the computer down’ and ‘don’t press that button’. However, it passes the time in an active fashion, so I was delighted to discover that there is actually a 3rd and Bird website. The website really captures the essence of the programme. You start off my clicking Samuel who flies around the tree to different spots with the use of your mouse. You’ll see when you have a look. It really is one of the best looking interactive kids websites Ive seen, using the same graphic style as the programme.
There’s loads of stuff to do, lots of games, a few which occupied me and hubby (admittedly with a glass of wine in hand). You can print out certificates for success in the games, so I’m currently doing one for hubby. There’s also the chance to meet each of the characters and see a bit of video about them. There are literally tons of print-outs which Toddler Boy loves doing and then rushing off at high speed brandishing his trophy, so that’s us occupied for weeks. The great thing is that it all works well on my modestly specified computer.
3rd and Bird stands out from other shows because of its music. What other show has music which features the world whistling champion! When you go exploring the tree on the website you hear the theme tune, should you wish to sing along to it click here for the words. Samuel, the main character in the show also sings a funky little song, to join in with the words you can get a printed song sheet if you click here.
All in all, even if you don’t have a pre-schooler have a little look at the website, as I think it will probably make you smile. Just make sure you turn the sound off or plug your headphones in if you work in a stuffy office, as you might raise a few eyebrows!


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  1. Tara Cain 9th April 2009 / 10:03 am

    I am really sad to say that my children have outgrown CBeebies and have moved on to CBBC.<br>I loved that channel. Or I loved them loving that channel.<br>Now even my 3 year old little girl won&#39;t watch it because her older brother say&#39;s &#39;it&#39;s for babies&#39; <br>Gah!

  2. Womanatwork 9th April 2009 / 11:23 am

    My kids love it, but they now want me to get it for them on DVD.

  3. nixdminx 10th April 2009 / 12:29 pm

    I&#39;m mother to a year old and we absolutely loved Roly Poly Oly which is French dubbed animation. SpongeBob and the Simpsons are staple fodder in our house but I am sick and tired of all the American cable kids shows. Bring back british kids tv, Aardman apparently has a new show coming out, can&#39;t wait. Happy Easter

  4. Suburban Mum 10th April 2009 / 8:44 pm

    ST&#39;s favourite is currently Chuggington. Their website is pretty good too.

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